New member from North Hampshire and the proud owner of an 100 Year Anniversary model

Hi Everyone,

I’m Paul and I’m one week into ownership of a beautiful 100 yr Anniversary car. I think I’m up to about 160 miles now, most of which were from the drive back from Ashford where I managed to find it. The only other one left in the country last week (allegedly) was in Newcastle, which is wayyyy to far.

I’m just getting it polished and protected inside and out ready for some top down fun as the cold winds and lock down should all be ending soon. Still waiting to get some good pictures but here’s one with my first upgrade.

Looking forward to interacting and waving at other MX5’s


Hi Paul and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Congratulations on your purchase of a 100yr Anniversary MX-5ND… :slight_smile: Hoping you’ll enjoy MX5 ownership as much as most on here… I’ve said this before, that every mile brings a smile in this wonderful little roadster…!

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Welcome. Which county are you from if you got this beaut from Ashford? Just in case your a fellow Kent member. Sorry must be half asleep. Clues in the heading.


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Hello Paul and welcome from another proud owner of a :100:Anniversary Edition MX5. I got mine in March this year, she is beautiful.
Yours makes 3 that I know of here, @SatoshiOmiya has one too
For your next mod here is a link for a cap that will match the roof :joy:

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Welcome from Aldershot. I am attached to the South Central Branch of the Owners Club and there are many more owners in this area. Take a look at our Facebook page MX5 Owners Club - South Central for information in our area.

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Hat looks cool!

Pleased to meet a fellow 100 owner. I was so lucky finding it, especially as I didn’t even know about it until I started looking for white soft tops Saturday evening, Come Sunday morning we were on our way to buy it.

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Impulse buys are the best. Wait until you see that paint work in the sunshine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Paul, welcome to the club, not sure which region you are in, you have the South Central, and here in the Solent Region to join up with.

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@MX-Fun welcome to the club ! That’s a great colour combination and I especially love the seats and combination with the paintwork. I’ve had mine two months now and only regret is not buying one years ago.
@MX51MJR Cool hat ! I have a Soul Red ND , and I was told by my wife not to go out in an orange fleece the other week because it clashed ! Suppose I should have got a 30th Anniversary Edition!
Just one word of note, my gearbox was a bit notchy especially in 1st and 2nd, up to around 500 miles. It’s now much smoother :+1: I think it was made worse by sub zero morning temperatures when I took delivery ! Take care and enjoy. I’m looking forward to legally being able to take friends and relatives out for a drive, which is a no no under current rules.

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My wife thinks I should get the hat. So that’s that sorted :+1:

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Welcome Paul.
Really nice choice of car.
You’re sure to enjoy the whole ownership experience and hope you’ll share your adventures along the way.
This forum has a wealth of experience and tips for helping you keep your pride and joy in tip top shape so dive in :+1:


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Brilliant, love the colour combination, enjoy .

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Beautiful… Mine is Soul Red black top but 100 anniversary tops it.
I’m fighting the Green Eyed Monster. Pls post more pictures when the sun visits us.

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Thanks for the kind words. I’ve applied a couple of coats of turtlewax hybrid ceramic and next is the roof to do with gtechnic I1 v2 smart fabric. All in the garage while the weather is so dull. Will be good to get it out eventually.

Went for one of these from a well known bay site

Great hat Paul, that should match the roof well too.:+1:

After your earlier post I bought one of the clear wind blockers from @Roadie. It arrived today but it is teaming down with rain now so will have to wait to fit it.

Our :100:Anniversary cars are going to be difficult to tell apart. I have two coats of Turtle Wax Ceramic Coating :turtle: on mine too.

Here are a couple of other thing I have done to mine.

@Miss_Daisy My previous MX5 was Soul Red, before I changed it I would look at this picture for hours trying to work out if I should go for it. Polymer Grey was consider for a while, but it did come down to Soul Red or Pearlescent White. :exploding_head:


All looks really good. I’ll keep watching for ideas :+1:. I’m on 168 miles so far, you?

I secured mine in February, but didn’t pick her up until 1 March so she is on a 21 plate. I have done 1005 miles. She is my daily drive but I am only 4-5 miles from work. Even so I can’t think of a better way to get there, 7:45 in the morning driving to work with the roof down, I can’t help but smile.

I travelled from Liverpool to Coventry for her. This was taken on the day


Enjoy the driving! Mine’s for weekend and holidays and preferably sunny ones. Have to admit though it is a really nice drive and I could easily slip into driving it daily.

Looks great from the snippet we can see.