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Nice love that road, did it when I lived in Scotland in a type r. Would love to try in an mx5.

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Is that pub the Abbot’s Elm at Abbots Ripton? Used to live in Godmanchester and had my 60th birthday there before it bunt down.

Thread broken out, feel free to discuss topics around the photo’s here and not in the photo thread. :slight_smile:


Indeed it is. Burnt down twice as far as I can remember.

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Bealach na Ba, or signs directing to it. Hopefully going there again this year, we’ve got 6 months yet before we are due to go.
Wonder if it’s still all stickered up?

Picture taken last May. Stickers on board go back quite some years. I think its left as part of history. :laughing:

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Hi John, that is a beautiful (and interesting) picture!


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Barrie, one of the chaps at the club (Norfolk 5’s) took the photo’s of all who were in the run that day. The village is nice and there is loads of room to take a nice photo… worth a visit with your pride and joy.

Be Safe - Stay in - Be Nice.


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Hi Mkgrdy
That’s a stunning colour and pic - what model?

Wait… Just seen more and they’re all stunning and unique -

Might not like your wheels -?? Awesome!

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Now on to a mk4 but still got a huge soft spot for my true red mk3 and mk3.75. Great combination of style and colour.


Have you been panic buying MX5s?

I thought it was 2 at a time in these difficult days.
Selfish or wut?

Super contrast of delicate engineering & heavy industry engineering Ian.
Love it.

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Yes, they’re both amazing machines in their own right, DE is effectively a custom build and is in the *00 million price range…

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thanks Brian,she’s a mk2.5 1.8 in titanium grey,bit of spit and polish works wonders.yeah some lovely cars out there.

You lucky bugger, if I ever get to retire, Northumberland is the place for me

Hi, I was just reviewing your photo post and out of curiosity, does the glass windbreaker make a big difference over the standard?
I have considered one, but have been happy with the lack of wind ingress with the standard one.

I think so as does othes who travel in the MX5 - It is made by a Germany company of toughened glass and supplied with all you need to fit it (takes about 15/20 mins. The inserts in the head rests also cut down on the draft across our shoulders (my wife is very happy now)
The only problem I find is that at night I get a little glare reflecting on the glass whilst looking in the rear view mirror, but as I don’t drive it that much at night it’s not a problem.
Not cheap to buy. Link:

That’s great, thank you.
Looks like the MX5 wind break may now be a discontinued item with Windshott. Their web page is just blank when you click the link.