Sam's supercharged 1991 Mk1

Snetterton was good.

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Couple of updates, got he supercharger off to service and change the idler pulleys for some new ones. Old ones surface weren’t flat anymore.

Running well, but unfortunately found a good bodge that needs correcting, giving inconsistent resistance readings and effecting intake air temps.

Here’s what I used on my turbo conversion.

That’s awesome Jacob, I was just going to solder them straight on, but that is cleaner.

New suspension setup to try for next year. New Gaz top mounts on the front and new OEM on the rear, front shocks are brand new, rear are rebuilt. Might end up re-powdercoating the springs, depends if I get a chance to fit before Christmas with an 8 week old baby.

Delaying starting work on the suspension, but it’s new softtop time! So off comes the green roof, if anyone’s interested in a green mohair that’s watertight but has a few nicks let me know.

Thought I’d give the fuel tank an inspection while the roof was out the way, looks pristine.

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50% of the way there, rears installed.

FYI While the tank is accessible, it’s a good idea to swap the fuel lines for e10 compatible ones.

Really good idea, I’ve got some spare hose after I did the engine bay ones, it’ll just be the ones on the fuel filter left

Final jobs of the winter getting done, adjustable drop links ready for corner weighting this week.

Plus fitted the coilovers socks, car will see some road action and potentially needing some semi-regular coilover adjustment, these should keep the locking collars nice and free.

Great first track day of the year Monday with open track. A mostly dry donington park until the afternoon.

No dramas really, had a drive shaft boot split, but quick visit to sam bishell in derby and a new shaft was fitted 20 minutes and only an hour’s track time missed.

Next job is to build a couple of these shafts with some new CV boots to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Corner weight setup for this year, car weighing at 980kg with 15L of fuel.

Left hand camber increased because right hand circuits!


So donington finished off my pro race front pads.

So time for an upgrade! Freaky parts 280mm wilwood kit. Picture taken at Japfest today as thats the first time it got cleaned since donington :woman_facepalming:t4:.

Look the business behind the works wheels.

Adding a canchecked gauge, as I’ve been using my phone hooked up to my ECU for live data, but it’s a bit of a faff to do regularly and I like to see things like intake air temps, accurate coolant, tps etc.

Replacing my coolant gauge as I’ll run it with coolant on, also my oem pressure gauge is an early MK1 true gauge, I have my second aftermarket gauge but it’s good to have a backup.

Soldered the canbus wires high and low with a plug so I can remove the connection, I’ll do the same on the cluster side.

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Not alot of action, been spending more time with my family and less time on the car, new job and relocation means it’s on the back burner, recoloured the roof as a job between house jobs.

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