Seat belt retraction. Or lack of…

Found this stuff recommended on another car forum. Bought some and tried it on my NC which has slow retracting and sometimes sticky seatbelts.

They no longer stick and now fully retract, if a little more slowly than in my other cars

I’d say give it a go, easier than washing the belts and not messy at all…

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I have the same problem. Just found this on Amazon for £20 or e-Bay for £7.99 with free shipping!

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I bought it from eBay, arrived within 2 days. I think there’s enough for about 5 applications at a guess

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I have tried cleaning mine before which did help but they are sticking again so just ordered off eBay at £7’.99.
Thanks for the info.

Just ordered some for my NC also. Had to use the right terms to find it, here’s the link encase anyone else comes across this thread: TUNAP PROFESSIONAL 104 CAR INTERIOR CARE 400ML SPRAY – MADE IN GERMANY 4002325810438 | eBay

Before you do anything just remove the belt guide from the top of the seat and see if that makes any difference to the way the belt retracts. You may also find that the metal loop on the body also slows the retraction down. It’s possible to modify the belt guide to make it run smoother and also the angle of the loop which also helps I’m sure there is a previous post about this but I can’t find it at the moment.

Just purchased some Tunap 104 and applied it to my driver’s seat belt. Much better retraction after application. Will see if this continues in future use.


Yep just sprayed my seatbelts with it today and they certainly felt smoother on retraction and quicker to roll back. Will see how they are on Friday when I use the car again .

I carried out the adjustment to the seat belt loop as per the link above and the belt still retracts fine.

Well I have to say my seatbelts are still gliding back much better after using the spray on them.

Mine too.