Smart Top?

Has anyone any experience of the Smart Top module for the NC? Seems like a great idea, if a little expensive, but I’m intrigued if people think it’s a worthwhile addition?

TVM :sunglasses:

Fitted one in lock down. Wouldn’t be without it now. Release the roof lock and it does it all on it’s own especially if you are just driving off from being parked.

Bought mine with one already fitted, as the above post really, a good addition. One touch operation too to raise instead of holding the button in.:+1:

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Yep buy one.
In addition you can set it up to open with either the button once the roof catch is released (obviously) which is my preference.
Or as soon as you open the roof catch it will open.
You can program it to open at different speed increments up to 38mph!
I would NEVER do that.
I have mine set to a maximum speed of 20mph as a safe guard and never in gusty winds.
It could get very expensive otherwise if damaged.

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Bought and fitted one in lockdown too. Best investment I’ve made on my NC.

Is that the roof speed or car speed :thinking::grin:


I was trying to think of a daft suitable reply, but can’t at the moment. :joy: :+1:

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Air speed or ground speed?


gotta admit that 1 touch roof operation would be way better than having to sit there holding the button.

as for operating the roof while moving!!! NOTA BLOODY CHANCE! not taking that risk.
It’s not just the wind you’ve gotta think of but also bumps and potholes.

no idea if anyone else has noticed this. but if you are not on a flat surface when you operate the roof the rear deck doesn’t close evenly!

also don’t buy this from mx5 parts as its £100 more expensive than buying it directly from the makers!

Never had any problems or issues from my experience in 4 years of using it .
Ground speed, air speed or road speed. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks Folks!

Not into performance mods or slamming the suspension down, but a few things to make life a little easier/more comfortable are on the books. Smart top and Roadies Wind Deflector are definitely on the list. But what else to add…….?

Having had SmartTop modules fitted to 3 of my previous BMWs (Z4M, M3 and 335i) it was one of the first things that I fitted to the MX-5. Well worth the money - they also hold their value on the second-hand market, so if you remove and sell it when you sell your car, you’ll get a decent amount of the cost back.

In terms of using it when moving, it can be very useful when manoeuvring in/out of a parking space on level ground. The roof goes up or down in the time that it takes you to park or unpark (?) the car.

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RX8 variable delay wiper stalk. Lots of threads about these, prices all over the place, but a ten minute job once you have one. It was the first Mod I did to my NC. (Hmm the Search function has been “improved” it has become very unfriendly compared with previously so I can’t point you to a good post).

Ali header tank for the coolant to replace the aged plastic, threads about this too
My take on the Dave-Fab coolant tank here

Bonnet gas struts can be a nice addition.
How I did the bonnet struts, but in two goes, including a cautionary note on strut strength.

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operating the roof whilst moving very slowly in a nice flat car park is ok I guess.
but operating the roof whilst moving along the pothole-filled British roads, Nah, not for me thanks!

as to the smart top itself, OH YES, I want one.
1 touch operation and the ability to operate the roof from the keyfob is right up my pizza delivery!

No option/ ability to operate with keyfob for an NC .

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that sucks.
the webpage for them makes it look like you can have an aftermarket keyfob for it!
damn misleading webpage adverts.

I operated mine while going over a speed bump once…roof made funny creaking noises for a week after that!

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The NC has a physical latch for the roof, so remote operation will never be possible. It is possible to configure the Smart Top to lower the roof when you undo the latch (so no need to press the button on the dash).

Rather than using a second-hand RX8 variable-speed wiper control, you can also get brand new aftermarket Chinese versions from various sellers on AliExpress or eBay for around £12. They are of extremely good quality and a bargain at the price. A number of people here (myself included) have fitted them.


#Me Too

I was hoping for a key fob roof activation not to close and lock the roof or unlock and open.
all I need is for it to close the roof but not lock it.

basically, sometimes I get out of the car with the roof open to do a delivery or go in a shop and then find I need to go out of eye-line of the car for a couple of mins which means I have to go back to the car and put the roof up.
so having a keyfob to close the roof but not lock while I’m am only a few meters away but out of eye line would be very helpful.
sadly it seems that it is not possible…

it would also be handy for when you are parked with the roof down and not in the car and it starts raining!
you could hit the button and by the time you reach the car, the roof would already be up. which would save you sitting getting wet while you put the roof up!

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