What happened to club track days?

I see in the latest sht magazine that there are no dedicated club track days this year, just a list of (public) MOT ones.

Is it all over for club motorsport activities ?

There is an mx5 only in November at Donni with mazda on track. I’m booked on that one.

The idea of attending club organised track days was THE main reason for paying my subs this year.


Isn’t the club short of a motorsports co-ordinator?

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See page 9 of the February 2022 issue STHT, the club are advertising for a Motorsport Coordinator, and have been for a while, sadly still no takers…

But weather is looking good for Snetterton


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Hi everyone, I’ve recently rejoined the MX5OC after a ridiculous break of around 8 years. I’ve insured the car for trackdays this year so was disappointed to see there’s no one in place to help co-ordinate the events (it used to thrive with events on all the time). No matter, I’m 10 whole minutes away from Cadwell Park and wondered if anyone wanted to get some 5’s together this year for some action. Donington was my fav, especially when dedicated to 5’s only on track. Again, not sure if anyone’s up for that this year.

Otherwise, it’s a roadtrip to the Nurburgring in the autumn (pending the world not going to ■■■■)…


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There was an advert for a motorsport coordinator at the last club magazine and I know there was a few people that have put themselves forward for this. Its a slow process to get the right person (or persons) onboard in order to help and promote motorsport (its not just arranging club trackdays).

At the moment and for 2022 it seems we’re not likely to have much arranged other than what Nick has put together for an mx5 only track day at Donnington on Monday 21st November and a shared mx5 and rx8 owners at Blyton Park Mazda Track Day. Saturday 8th October 22. There’s also Japfest in April at Silverstone but its not really a trackday.

Personally I’ve booked a few trackdays this year with Nick and I’m also doing Anglesey in April - I guess book whatever you fancy for 2022 and hopefully the MX5 OC will start stronger in 2023 not just for people who are interested in club trackdays but also autotest, hillclimbs, motorsport tickets etc.

There will be a couple of Club Track events, there are some details in the coming mag.

There are a few people who came forward for the task who are being spoken to as we speak, hopefully a coordinator in post very soon.


AND Donington

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Is this direct through MSV Nick or another Trackday provider? Can’t recall what time the evening sessions go on to in April if they only start at 5:30pm

All MSV evening events start at 5:30 as you need a break after the day session. They all finish at 8pm, unless it is Donington, which is 8:30.


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RMGiles - a group of us from the local MX5 group in Wakefield are heading to Cadwell on May19th (Javelin) and Croft on June 8th - plenty of laughs and stuff

That sounds great. I did Cadwell early Feb… R888’s and 3 degrees / damp track made an interesting combo! Should be a lot more fun come May time…