What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)


Years of twirling, but not opposite lock enough

Nardi plastic part is a bit broken. Not sure if its available as a spare

Examination of the parts showed small slit in wire where it had rubbed on the boss

Now I thought just get a couple of spade connectors and some wire, and that would be it. But I was scupped by this strange Nardi connector. Its like a rotating spade connector

What the deuce. Now I couldn’t cut off the connect and trim the part to take a female spade connector, because I assume this riveted part was used because the steering wheel is turned and a normal spade connector will just fall off.

So “fixed” with shrink wrap.


Lots of hood down runs out over last few weeks, so a well earned wash and sparkle.

Callipers are going to get some paint love…. Any suggestions on colour?


Washed my 2.5 and managed to dislodge the loose Mazda badge on the front bumper. Guessing its meant to be held in place by clips?

Washed the car for the first time this year. No, I have not been being lazy, the house next door was bought by a builder, and since January there has been dust-generating extension work going on several days a week, every week. He’s finally finished it so our cars are back in a clean environment.

On a related note, does anyone have a better way of cleaning the inside of the rear window on an ND soft top than stretching past the seats and style bars with the roof up? Any attempt to partially fold back the roof results in the target area being folded away out of reach.

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Got to love red callipers :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Installed a new stereo in mine yesterday. Upgraded from the OEM NC one to a Sony Android auto one

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Bless You…Mirroring My True Thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Totally Concur with Autoglym and I’ve Only Done the Boot Lid [Have to Pace Myself :woman_in_motorized_wheelchair: aka ‘Bullit’]

Think My Problem Solving Brain was on ‘Brainstorming Alternative Solutions’ which includes ‘Cost/Benefit Analysis’ [Not Always to Do With Finance]

It Included the Option…Would Bullit Be Better Off With a More Savvy & Hands On O.C. Member as Evidenced By This Thread instead of Me…Because It’s About Keeping Her for Prosperity rather than My Needs :thinking:

Was Able to Do Corrosion Work Before Pandemic and She’s in Queue for Welding…Same Specialist

And Fret About ‘What Still Needs be Done’ rather than ‘What has Been Achieved Already’

Am I the Right Owner for the Task ???

So When She Failed her MOT [corrosion] on 17.6.22 [Expected] my main concern was her Battery
[Been There Before When For Different Reasons She’s Not Been Used]

And She Started…First Time after 18 Days…Gotta Be a Sign !

She’s Now Been Safely Garaged in a Block away from the Property since Pre-COVID Corrosion Work

How Sentimental Am I !?!?

Tapping Her Steering Wheel & Saying ‘Good Girl’ …Sad or What !!!

AND…I EXPERIENCE ‘SEPERATION ANXIETY’ …How Daft Is That ??? [Happened When She Went in for Specialist Corrosion Work pre-pandemic]

So…She Starts and I Bring Her to the Property to Start the Autoglym

Frankly as Soon as I Saw Her Again after 18 Days…I Thought…WOW…You Are Still So Beautiful Looking for a 17 yr old Car [She Has Been Admired By Old & Young and She’s Had Nothing Like the Work that Members Have Done on Their MX5 !]


So Degree & Post Grad Work in Experimental Psychology

But Nothing Explains My Attachment to My MX5 :crazy_face:

Any Thoughts Chaps & Chapesses :crazy_face:


Exactly :+1:

Telepathy ?

Getting Very Fed Up With All the ‘Doom & Gloom’ [Media Amplification Spiral ?]

Only Good Thing [Not Football Follower but History Fan]…Go Lionesses …WOW…Against Germany…More WOW :fist:

I Concur…Top Down…Can’t Beat It :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Support of MX5 O.C. Members…Priceless :smile:

I had to sell my beloved Mk1 Cortina GT back in 1974 when I fell on hard times, and I can remember looking out of my bedsit window at the empty parking space it used to occupy and felling very low. I missed that car SO much. I still have dreams about finding that car again nearly 50 years later. I have never been so attached to anything (apart from wife and kids, obviously).

What I’m trying to say in my addled old long winded way is that you obviously have the same attachment to your Bullit so you hang onto her. It matter not one whit about being ‘qualified’ by mechanical competence or ‘deserving’ to own her. That car does you good and we all need a little of what does you good in these straitened and depressing times.

Two things keep me going, my grandkids and the Precious, which I bought myself as a 70th birthday present and finally filled the Cortina GT shaped space in my heart. Here she is on the country roads I used to zoom around all those years ago.

You can’t beat that.


Went and ran lot’s of errands with the little car and my daughter.
First proper wash and claybar of the car today. Will hopefully polish it next week. Fitted the interior car cover from the NA onto the NC…the cover looks like me after a week off in Somerset eating too much…it’s a tight fit!

Really Appreciate Your Reply [More Than You Know] :smile:

‘Battery Woes’ & ‘Boot Lid’

Having to Reverse Bullit into Garage rather Drive Straight In to Hopefully Engage Solar Panel ?

So Nearly Did a ‘TerryM1’

Way Too Much Excitement Over Using New Autoglym Products [Forgot I’d Done the Boot Release to Get the Old Cleaning Products Out]

Scratching My Head…Why Are the Reversing Lights On …Engine Off

DOH…It Was the Boot Release Light

:crazy_face: :rofl:

I’ve Done a Terry M1…What We Like

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This is what I’ve done, popped down to Mark in Total MX5 Repair in Barry and had my Eibach springs fitted… What a difference!!



(In case anyone is wondering… I tracked down an intermittent flat battery problem to a boot light that occasionally stayed on when I didn’t close the bootlid with enough force)

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Had noticed that the roof mechanism was sounding a little “Clunky/Clicky”

Found some advice on here and got a copy of a PDF from our Miata friends across the pond. The Culprit was a loose Allen Nut on the mechanism

Tightened (and checked other side to be100%). Now back to a nice smooth and quiet operation. Easiest 2 minute fix!

Not sure if it’s been done before I got the car, so will be giving the mechanism/pivot points a good grease/oiling tomorrow.

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Convinced myself for a long time that I didn’t need one but glad I changed it.


Took me almost 3 weeks of faffing, but finally finished the cambelt/waterpump change as well as all o rings and gaskets that can be replaced during the job. Coolant flush and gearbox oil change as well as shifter rebuild.

The car is now at an mx5 specialist for alignment!

Very happy boy today :grinning:


I’ve been wanting it for ages and trying to justify the money. Finally justified it after spending just as much on other things just because it looks cool around the house. Well worth the upgrade right?