What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)

3 days commuting detritus cleaned off the car and a new addition to the interior


In June 2018 I was given, then 16 year old, Madge by my girl friend, now ex, who bought her for me on a whim of wanting a red sports car.

Like all new NBFL owners it was not long before I started finding odd bits of tube and an assortment of connectors for items that were never fitted.

Today after filling up I could not get Madge restarted until a kindly chap from Hungary wielded some magic with one of those jump start tools. When I got home I checked the charge on the Panasonic Gel battery I have had in stock since March and when I was satisfied the new battery was still good fitted it and finally got those untidy pipes hooked up as they are supposed to be.

AT + Acetone is all I use, if this dosen’t work then nothing apart from heat and cutting will.

Replaced the scuttle grommets. No leaks so far, but just in time because the old seals were crumbling.

Resprayed and lacquered the high-level brake light. Will leave it for a while before polishing so it all hardens fully.

Sorted the scuffs/ scratches in boot plastic trims

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Removed all the plastic inner arch panels. Washed and cleaned inner arches.
Lots of debris trapped between the front sill and thr bottom of the front wings. Removed the bottom bolts of the front wings to removed all the debris as it allows enough movement of the wing.
Removed grommet near the rear sill…no sign of any rust.
The whole of the car has obviously been rust proofed, going to go over any exposed areas in the coming weeks.


Took it for a fast road alignment. Too wet to test it out on the windies, will have to save that for another day.

Final clean and ready for the cover for a few months. Haven’t drove it for a few weeks. Was so good to give it a run.

A chap round the road has a NC with the water in the foot well . Went and sorted it out for him fitted new cowl kit he had.


I use mine during the winter, on crisp, sunny days when the roads are clear of salt.
Top down for a winter drive is a joy👍🏻

Would you mind sharing how you have achieved that please?

I used this ,

Degreased ,
Sprayed with plastic primer ,
Spray with textured paint,
Thin coat of lacquer

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Many thanks.

Nice work mate, looks great

Had a short top down drive to book the car in at Deepcar Autobodies for some rear archwork and Dinitrol treatment done.

I apologised to mine, and spoke soothingly to it. It realised I’d taken “the other car” for a quick trip to France and Belgium. I soothingly explained there were four of us in the car, and promised faithfully to take MX5 over to France and other exotic places next summer :smile:

By way of apology, I then connected up the CTEK for a bit of a battery charge.


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Goodies from powder coating shop


May just be too much info but as we finally had a dry day I took drove mine to the ent clinic where I had my ears syringed.

Sounded wonderful on the drive home.

No graphics included!


Fat chance! I live on the Welsh border so a 20mph drive to a private clinic then a very pleasant detour home via England.