What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)

Make sure that they’re bolted up well. Some little scrote stole mine!
Now replaced with these to make a change.


Man, your car is lovely.

What tips do you have?

And both with Fyralip Y22 bootlip spoiler?

I’ve found this little gadget really useful. I bought it for the digital voltmeter so I can check the battery has enough oomph after a week or two in the garage. It’s also reassuring to see the reading jump to 13.7V once fired up. This one ( many options on Amazon) has 3 USB and a type C charging port. I like the way it almost looks like a gauge designed to suit the dash.

Out with the old and in with the new, fitted some PIAA horns this evening, pretty quick job sounds far less cute now :innocent: (access by just removing undertray fixings , but not removing it) all wiring, fuses and relays looked up to the job of the upgrade so super easy install.


Reached 105000 miles :smiley: Lots of new plans for

this year including first track day


They are “Remus” tips from AliExpress. They are an anodised alloy, which I thought might discolour with the salt in the winter, so I sprayed them with a clear lacquer. They also come complete with the clamps. You get a choice of different sizes to suit your exhaust and diffuser. Mine are 62mm - 114mm. There are lots of styles and finishes available.


Very nice :+1:

Sweet gauge cluster :+1:

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BIG install today , just kidding … fitted some magnetic Number Backgrounds in prep for competition numbers, for round 1 of the javelin sprint series in a couple of weeks :nerd_face:. Reason being so when running on track days and other competitions I don’t have the wrong number on etc.


Brake Test Drive out today every thing in Order but hit the 4,000 mile mile mark shes five years old …hope to double the milage this year … :wink:


Gosh golly those caps are pretty.

:+1: The dials are the old lockwoods. Bit of a mare to fit as the perspex had been superglued back on by someone in the past! i wish i had more toggle switches like yours tbf… cheers

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Collected the laser cut bit I designed for a clutch stopper today. Fitted it and its made a surprising difference on my ND!

Clutch throw has been reduced by around 12mm, which has been enough to put the seat back by a click which warranted adjustment of the rear view mirror, and the more pronounced stop at the bottom of the travel is nice too. My left arm is also now a bit straighter so I find I’m bashing my elbow on the centre console less too, happy days! Its the small things :ok_hand::sunglasses:

Needs a slight tweak for revision 2, so if anyone wants this one when I’m done with it pop me your address in a PM and I’ll send it over to you :+1:



It’s a clear change


Looks flashy!

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Ended up taking out the glovebox and center console key drums and repinning them, now i can finally lock my roadster lol

Now i just have to repin the boot and passenger door!

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Replaced the rubber seals along the top of the doors / bottom of the windows. Take a look at the picture and you can see how much the foam had worn away and compressed around where the upright between the two bits of glass fits. Not surprising I was getting a lot of water dripping in there! And cunningly, that spot is located right above the large door speaker.


Finally got round to putting the IL Motorsport aluminum pedals on :+1: