What’s your instrument?

I still prefer John Ottways somewhat less serious approach …

I saw John Ottway play that guitar at the Cambridge Corn Exchange a few years ago on The Mad Bad tour with The Hamsters and Wilko Johnson.

My new bass guitar, Epiphone Jack Casady signature, I wasn’t actually on the lookout for one but just happened to be perusing the guitar shop and thinking what a lovely guitar, so my wife said, give it a go and………



Hope it sounds at least as good as it looks :sunglasses: :+1:

I got one (an early one from 2002) last January, bought on a whim because I’ve never had a hollow body. Had to make a few modifications to make it suit me (moved strap button to top horn, lightweight Gotoh machine heads to cure neck dive, and a Babicz bridge for better adjustability). It’s now become my main gigging bass rather than my Precision, which I wasn’t expecting.

That looks very nice in that colour. You can get get some really nice tones out of it, although my amp lets it down, the Ashdown bass amp in the shop was very nice :thinking:. I know what you mean about the strap button, bit of a strange place to put it.

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Yes it does, different from my solid bodies.

Looks very nice. Great to personalise your instrument too.
Keep on gigging! :+1:

Like it, well done your good lady!!

All these bass players! I retired as one when we moved to East Sussex and gave all my gear away to the deserving impoverished students of my old bass teacher.

Only public performances these days are singing in a community choir.


Go GregryC! Singing is such a great way to make music with others.
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I also gave away an instrument -my much loved classical guitar went to a student - rotten arthritis meant I couldn’t bar chords on such a wide neck - still manage uke and electric guitar.:guitar:+ :musical_keyboard:
Keep on singing - choir for me tonight! :notes:


Hi Elaine, fellow guitarist here. :guitar:( +Bass, mandolin, ukulele.)
I read this quote from Ronnie wood recently talking about his arthritis: “I found that interesting, when I’m like, ‘I can’t quite do that any more,’ the guitar will show me there’s another way of doing it. Some finger will go one space different and a whole new door opens.”

“And so you’re always learning. You never finish school, man.”
(End quote)
I’ve always struggled with playing a whole song of bar chords, due to poor circulation. My left hand cramps. I tried playing Golden touch by razorlight and you have to mute the strings between each strum! I can’t make it past the first chorus! :roll_eyes:

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For the last quarter of an hour I’ve been trying to remember the US singer/guitarist who used his left thumb for bar chords, instead of fingers. He appeared on Whistle test a few times, I think.

This will be in 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s

Any ideas?

Stevie Ray Vaughan uses his thumb a lot.

HI, Jacob
I use my uke like a mini classic guitar. It’s a Tanglewood concert, and has a very un uke-like tone.
It shows me ways round the lack of 2 strings and I can manage what I want to do on it - mostly a picked chordal accompaniment.
I’m thinking of selling my Ibanez acoustic/electric Mandolin -It has the same strings and melodic fingerings as the violin and as I’m a viola player, I thought I’d get on OK with it, but for me the frets get in the way - this is weird because they don’t on guitar and ukulele.:thinking::woman_shrugging::notes:

We went to the Gibson Garage in London recently and while perusing the guitars my wife tried another Les Paul but still found them too heavy and the neck too thick, so she given a new model, Les Paul Modern Lite to try. This guitar is so much lighter and has all the hardware of a standard and US made. She liked it so much she bought it.

She couldn’t outdo me so last week we were in our local guitar shop and they had a Fender Precision Bass that was second hand and came out the factory with the wrong decal on the headstock. The serial number states that it came out the factory as a P Bass in April 2009 and the neck is definitely a P Bass but it has a Jazz Bass decal under the lacquer, so bit of an oddball, still it plays great.


Very nice. :+1:

The P-Bass has always had the little black finger rest in that position.

It’s ideal for Bill Wyman who always seems to use his thumb.

But I’ve not seen it on other Fender Basses and most players seem to park their thumb and use fingers.

So I’ve always wondered why it’s there.

Yes it’s a bit of a weird thing, although in the case of this particular guitar according to Fender serial number check it didn’t come with it fitted I think the previous owner was trying to get the retro look by adding the pickup and bridge covers, changing the pick guard to the tortoise shell from white, but I’m fine with all that, I think it looks great. Some Fender basses have that rest above as a thumb rest but like you say the one below must be for players who use their thumb. The joke with those chrome covers is that they fitted them to make it harder to play and my wife reckons I should get one to cover all the strings to save her ears. :thinking: