Window Regulator Replacement ND (MK4)

Any tips on replacing a widow reg on an 2017 rf ?
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Sorry it is not clear to me what you are asking.

Hi malc,the widow regulator cable on the drivers widow has snapped,it comes as part of a new regulator
I just wondered if it’s a simple job to do ?

Hi did regulators on mine a couple of week’s ago , around 35-40 min per side,
I found it easier to cut the tape on the clip holding the door lock harness to the car than remove the clip, drop the inner cover on to a bucket or box to save removing all the electrics from the cover, it’s handy to have another pair of hands to move the regulator to get it to line up with the drive on the motor as you press it on, don’t cut the tie wrap on the new regulator till it’s over the motor !! ( I changed both and cleaned the unbroken one as a spare it’s nigh on impossible to get it back together if the wires come off the spindle, it took longer than doing both doors !!), use a punch to bend the tabs on the regulator to fit it to the motor, I found I had to pop the cards etc off to readjust the window position after a few days.
As always YouTube is your friend!!

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Have a look here POWER WINDOW REGULATOR REMOVAL/INSTALLATION | 2016 ND Shop Manual ( it may help.


Thanks Malc :+1:

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YouTube video showing how to do it.
mx5 nd window regulator removal and replacement

contact paul roddison in sheffield , he may have a spare or 2

Thanks,got one from local dealer only £43

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Hi Malc,can I get this on email ?,when searching nothing happens ?

Hi S,

If you just hover on the link and do enter it should go to the correct page. I tried my original and it worked for me.

If I click your link it is blank.

This 2016 ND Shop Manual | ND Shop Manual ( is another link to the main page of the ND manual. Try clicking on this link which should be in ‘blue’, if you do control/enter it should pop up in a new window.

You could try these if the other site does not want to come out and play with you.
This Online manual - MX5 Manual | Mazda MX5 (Mk4) 2015+ is a link to a different site that has much the same information. This Manual pages - MX5 Manual | Mazda MX5 (Mk4) 2015+ is the exact page for removal.

It is a good idea to save them as a ‘favourite’ so you can get to them easily in the future because there is a vast amount of useful information available that may come in handy in the future.

If you still have a problem let me know and I will endeavour to assist.

PS if you still fail try another PC.

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Thanks,all sorted now :grinning::+1:

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Link to a video on changing the ND Window Regulator. Possibly the one referenced above though no link.